Chenlong Wang Algorithm Engineer I was an applied geophysicist focus on data assimilation, and I am newly working for artificial intelligence laboratory of SAIC Motor, Shanghai.

Ubuntu16.04 如何手动安装cuda toolkit

安装cuda toolkit的坑



My first impression of atom editor provided by github

customization of atom

How to customize you ubuntu system


Say Hello to Fortran 90

recently I need to transform some code from fortran to C, This is just a glance of Fortran

The common memory errors in C and the corresponding debugging by the Valgrind

Using the Valgrind to find memory errors

Git tutorial - the best version control software ever

Some notes made by myself when I was learning git

Good websites

Some good websites has been collected

How to type Chinese in Latex

Two ways to type Chinese fonts in Latex

How to configure the vpn of NTNU on Ubuntu 14.04

How to install and configure NTNU's vpn on Ubuntu

Hello world

This static website is generated by the Jekyll software, and it is freely hosted by the Github. The jekyll theme is provided by Renyuan Zou. I really appreciate these open-source software and services.

My available personal information is posted in resume. The motivation of writing this blog is taking notes about my interests. Meanwhile the blog is also used to mark my life.