This post gives how to configure NTNU’s vpn by open-connection on Ubuntu 14.04. I guess the configuration on the other Linux distribution probably is the same.

  • Download anyconnection from ntnu vpn

  • Extract the source file, change your directory into extractedfolder/vpn and install the software with the following commands:

    tar -xvzf anyconnection-predepoly-linux.tar.gz
    cd path-of-your-extracted-folder/vpn
    sudo sh

  • Install the network manager

    sudo apt-get install network-manager-openconnect

  • configure vpn
    • Right click your network icon on the right top part of your desktop
    • vpn connection -> configure vpn -> add -> choose Cisco Anyconnect Compatible VPN (openconnect)
    • Set connection name as: NTNU, then set Gateway as and create connection
  • connect vpn
    • Back to network icon and click vpn connection, now you should find a NTNU option, click it
    • Click the icon that is locate on right side of your VPN host and setup your username and passwd
  • change IP address
    • rewirte the ip address in /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf with which is the ip_adress of Google