My Atom Configuration

This folder contains the default and my customized shortcuts with some useful packages with Atom editor

I have worked with the VIM editor for almost 7 years and I customized it for a long time with my hobbies. However, my most favorite plug-in, You Complete Me, strike with my unintentional update. So I decided to change to an alternative editor, the 21st century editor ATOM, which is provided by the Github.

How to use this repository

This repository provides my customization with the Atom with my hobbies in the VIM. The Atom configuration file is under ~/.atom folder, which is automatically created during the installation. All the customization files (snippets,shortcuts,list of packages) can be directly moved to the ~/.atom folder.

List of packages

The following are packages that I am using with:

  • atom-beautify
  • easy-motion-redux
  • ex-mode
  • git-plus
  • language-latex
  • latex
  • markdown-preview-enhanced
  • minimap
  • platformio-ide-terminal
  • relative-numbers
  • vim-mode-plus

List of shortcuts (cheatsheet)


functional command
Toggle command palette ctrl+shift+p
Toggle line/selection comment ctrl+/
Toggle tree-view panel ctrl+\
Focus tree-view panel alt+\
move among panes ctrl+k+up/down
move current line ctrl+up/down
multi-cursor-selection ctrl+n
multi-cursor-skip ctrl+k
spell-check-suggestion ctrl+shift+:


  • markdown-preview-enhanced
functional command
Toggle markdown preview ctrl+shift+m
  • platformio-ide-terminal
functional command
Toggle IDE terminal ctrl+ `
  • easy-motion-redux
functional command
Toggle easy-motion-redux alt+w
  • git-plus
functional command
git add ctrl+alt+w
git checkout current file ctrl+alt+r
git commit ctrl+alt+c
git diff ctrl+alt+d